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GD Star Rating Plugin Snippet Text After Article Display

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A bug has been reported in the WordPress plugin forum for GD Star Ratings where the information about score and the votes snippets for Google are automatically displayed as text after the article content, even when set to hidden in the plugin admin settings.

This bug appeared with the latest GD Star Rating plugin update, version 1.9.21

Bugfix – Not a Bug

This display of the GD Star Rating snippet as text after article content should not really be called a bug, as it is more a fix than a fault. Google does not allow the rich snippet to be hidden from view, and is likely to remove the rich snippet star rating from SERP if it’s hidden from display.

However, if you don’t care about the snippet appearing in Google SERP, and only use GD Star Ratings for visitor ratings the snippet can easily be hidden using CSS.

Add a style to the class “hreview-aggregate” to hide the snippet text after article content from view. You can copy the code on the right and paste it in your WordPress CSS editor panel, or add to the custom.css file

{display: none;}

Rather Style the Text After Article Snippet

A much better solution is giving the score and the votes text after article content display some styling to fit into your theme. The same class “hreview-aggregate” is used for this. One such example is the CSS3 used for this site that creates a simple box with a recessed effect for the text snippet. The positioning of the snippet of text after article content displayed can also be adjusted using CSS with the class.

Keep Google happy and your ratings appearing in SERP by turning the score and votes snippet display into part of your page layout.

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