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WordPress No Page Comment Plugin Review and Set-up

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No Page Comment plugin is a WordPress back-end modification plugin that allows a choice to disable or allow comments and/or trackbacks for pages and posts and custom content types.

You can change setting when creating or editing content

A recent function added to the No Page Comment plugin lets you change the status site-wide of all comments and trackbacks, by content type.

Useful if you want to change commenting settings on a lot of existing content.

Default WordPress Comments On or Off Only

The basic WordPress installation provides two site wide options for comments and trackbacks, on or off for pages and posts site-wide.

No Page Comment plugin extends the default WordPress method of handling comments; a useful time-saving  WordPress option.

User guide Update Pending for Latest Version

Author’s Note: The latest version of the plugin (1.*.*) has additional features. We will update this section of our review soon to include these new features.

Plugin Rating

No Page Comment Plugin Rating

Overall impression:
The Page Comment Plugin is useful for WordPress used as a website CMS.

Bug free:
Over 30 000 downloads and only 2 submissions on the plugin support page – one from a user who never read the description. The plugin author responded by adding an extra function for what the user wanted the plugin to do.

The other submissions is a question about compatibility with WordPress versions.

No Page Comment plugin can be described as totally BUG FREE.

Ease of setup:
Very easy – see the Plugging Settings described next.

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WordPress Plugin Stats

Requires WP: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 20-01-2013
Downloads: 31 147
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Stats Date: July 27, 2013

Plugin support:
For a long time there were only 2 support questions, both were answered promptly. A bug we discovered with with plugin version 1.0.1 was fixed within a few hours (Allowing for time zone differences, we’d say the fault was fixed within 30 minutes!).  In our opinion support is excellent – its a pity more developers of paid-for plugins don’t provide this level of support.

Speed impact: None whatsoever. No Page Comment plugin is a back-end system and has no impact on the font end of the site.

We recommended the No Page Comment plugin for all WordPress sites. It’s one of the standard set of plugins we use for nearly all our new WordPress site builds.

Plugin Settings

No Page Comment Plug-in Settings

No Page Comment allows a choice to disable by default comments and/or trackbacks for pages and posts. The default setting is enabled for posts and disabled for pages. If these options are suitable, there is nothing more to do.

You may decide to disable or allow trackbacks for pages and posts (and any other type).

Trackbacks are generated when someone links to content on the site if their site is set-up to ping the link source, and have little value other than providing the site owner with an indication of new incoming links.

These days you are likely to get more trackback spam than genuine trackbacks. As a rule we don’t recommend publishing trackbacks.

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To change No Page Comment default settings, open the plugin configuration page from the Settings/No Page Comments dashboard menu link and make the required changes.

You can change the comment and discussion setting for each item of content. There are two ways to change the settings; from the page editing window or in the List of Pages

Changing in Edit Mode

Changing Comment Settings in Page Edit Window

To change the comment setting for individual posts/pages go to the Discussion panel when editing an article. If the panel isn’t visible click ‘Screen Options‘ at top right hand corner to open the menu.

Click the tab to open the screen options drop-down panel.

Then select the ‘Discussion’ checkbox to enable the Discussion panel

wordpress show on screen options image

Now select the required option to change the default setting:

The sample shown here allows comments on pages, and leaves trackbacks off.

screen-capture image of no page comment plugin discussion option

Changing Comment Settings from ‘Page List’

This method is useful if there are a several content items toy want to change.

Find the Page or Post in the content lists. Mouse over the listed item – a selection of actions will appear; full edit mode, quick edit, trash and view. Select Quick Edit.

screen-capture image wordpress page list

Click the check-box shown by the green arrow in the graphic. It will have the title “Allow Comments” if the default settings are to disallow these, and “Disallow” if otherwise.

Work through all the content items you want to change the comment and discussion settings. To change settings for all existing content, read the next section.

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Change Existing Content

Use No Page Comment Plugin to Change all Existing Content Discussions Settings

The No Page Comment plugin has tools to enable or disable comments and trackbacks for all existing content.

You can change the existing settings selectively by page, post of custom content types.

Go the plugin admin and select one the blue buttons to make the site-wide changes.

screen-capture image of no page comment plugin tool to change all existing content discussions settings

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